Binary Options Robots – Scam or can I trust it?


b.o.up&downThe term had never crossed my road until last year and truth be told I was interested from the moment I heard binary options robots. That combination of words is music to my ears considering how difficult the financial world is without any outside world. Of course I had to try a few out and see what the big deal about them is. The result was far from amazing, honestly robots are simple signal providers, or in some cases auto-traders. The word they use now is just something to make them look fancier. In the binary options this is something new and maybe even game changing but in financial world is almost old and outdated.

What is actually a Binary Options Robots?

Generally when you hear the word robot you must know that it’s something automated, be it software or otherwise. This case is no different, you can use this software to automatically trade your assets or get binary options signals while you focus on other important information. This robot is incorporated in your broker account, it is a different entity.

The only way I could completely understand the system this software is based upon I had to look up for one using the Google engine. I typed in the words and the first good looking software I found was ultimate4trading, an automated trading robot for binary options. Now you might have heard of the copying system where you can copy a trader and follow him. Well in this case everything is different, the software fully controls your account and that’s something to be amazed about.

The idea is a bit worrying and questionable, I didn’t believe it myself so I tested it and see if everything works as they say it does. Downloading the software as a third party on my computer I had to log on it and my broker account. The software automatically scans for platforms that are compatible with it. Once it finds the platform you’re using it will ask for permission and start its work. When I say work I mean, the amount of money, the direction the trades are going and even the assets and expiration time. Once everything is done it will ask again for your acceptance and you will have to confirm. Ultimately you have all the power and are in control.

There is another type which is more commonly used with today’s software, some of you might know them as expert advisers. These robots can be used through MT4 and other charting programs in order to produce signals and strategies. Most use this type of robots in order to better understand the system, to learn what it is to trade with binary options. They copy what they see and gain experience through it, quite the feat if you ask me since experience is as expensive as gold in this domain and maybe in any other too.If you wish to be successful then you need to learn how to pick the right metatrader expert adviser, the one that will help you implement a good starting strategy. Set it to work within your parameters and you can start calling yourself a binary options trader, half the work is already done.

Time to Show-off and Perform.

In almost all services these days the company or party offering their services always brag they’re the best at what they do. They are the number one service in their domain and people should use their brand if they want to succeed or get the very best. What’s more they expect people to believe their bragging and bold statements and even if you don’t believe it some actually do. There are those who can’t take their eyes off of something that shines and we all know it’s not always gold. There are those who believe they can escape real life easily with the promises of others, live the good life always on vacation and get rid of their insufferable boss.

One of these so called good doers has already been exposed and I urge you to see for yourself what it’s all about. Many brokers go by saying that they are the best and they got years of experience backing them up and what they have created will clearly make you a rich man.

Can you believe that? I surely can’t because to be honest I haven’t heard about anyone becoming a millionaire overnight trading with robot and I’m pretty sure you haven’t either, at least one that you can believe without any doubt.

So what are these braggers? Well the sad truth is, most offer a software that will randomly generate trades for you and not only that but those trades are bad and at the end of the day you end up losing money. That’s not why you’re reading this and that’s not how you want to invest your money. I’m sure there is a robot on the internet that does what they say it does but so far I haven’t stumbled on one, if I do I’ll make sure to let you know. So far the best thing I can offer is this video with a short explanation on how they work.assets

Might Robots be good for something?

Let’s take a moment and think about the difficulty of trading with binary options, the market is more changing than the sea and you can think you’re right where you need to be up until the last second and then disaster strikes, you lose your money. Now if there is a tool out there that can enhance my chances at gaining money through binary options trading then by all means I’ll use it as often as I can. I’ll always be on the lookout for something like this and you should be too.

Are robots genuine or actually a scam?

There is no doubt that there are scams out there, it’s not a question but something certain. My opinion along with my colleagues at is the same, we do not like them, if there is a robot that can offer you a chance for genuine experience then yes. Leaving your money in someone else’s hands is generally a bad idea and I would strongly recommend you take care, besides we’re talking about something you can find on the internet with ease. I mean in some cases you have to download something on your computer, what if that something contains a virus? What if it gives sensitive info away while you trade? Can you trust something that easily? I don’t!

Everything I’m saying might sound too hard on them but the truth is you have to be careful. I know there are some legitimate companies out there trying to work something good out for you but if you want to call yourself a binary options trader you must learn to trade your money with your own hands and never depend on something or someone else.

Now let me share with you a few tips about how to avoid signal service scams:

  • if they promise that you’re gonna be a millionaire, it’s a scam
  • if they don’t have a contact page, it’s a scam
  • if you can’t see the software without depositing money, it’s a scam
  • all the software that I’ve encountered until now are free, if you find one that it’s not, then it’s a scam
  • if you can’t find any information on google, it’s a scam
  • if they are not regulated by CySec, it’s a scam
  • if the deposit page looks suspicious, it’s a scam

As a last info I’d like to tell you that these robots do not come for free. It’s funny actually I mean you have to pay a fee to have someone else toy with your money. Sounds crazy I know but think about it! I mean that money could have gone better off on a trade you made yourself at least even if you lose you gain experience on what it is to be a binary options trader.

Final words on the Binary Options Robots.

I have to admit the creators of these systems are amazing people offering a good chance for the rest of us. My advice to those who use robots is to be careful and always stay on the alert, never let anyone have full control over your money. That is something you should always avoid no matter what they offer you.

My best advice for you is to learn to do it yourself, if you’re willing to invest money then you should be willing to invest time to learn too. Don’t rush because that is the quickest way to failure, be patient and good things will come. If you need more guidance or want to learn more about binary options then I’d suggest you visit us and study more before you actually make a move!